Causes of religious crises in nigeria essay

Religious Crisis in Nigeria

Despite everything, the group leaders have often stated that they are still fighting for justice and the Islamisation of Nigeria Roach The supreme bodies of various religions in the country should enforce the law guiding the adherence of their belief system.

Human Rights Watch Its people are differently distributed in the 36 states that made up the nation. The mechanisms of Yusuf argument are derived from something different from normal. Based on Islamic peace teaching, Al-Ezzati observed, that: Special Jurisdiction of High court and legal aids.

When he commits apostasy Ridda and warned to repent, if he refused, he will be killed. Thirdly, Boko Haram is understood as seeking revenge especially in response to unacceptable behaviour of the law enforcers.

In for example, there was a serious conflict between the Yoruba and Hausa over the leadership of a cattle market in Bodija, Ibadan and in Jos, the conflict is still on between the Hausa and some tribes over who has the legal right of chieftaincy.

Ethno Religious Crisis in Nigeria: Causes and Remedy.

Minority issues in Nigeria are also seen as one important phenomenon which causes ethnic conflicts in the country.

Muslims, Christians and religious violence in Nigeria: The mayhem resulted in the death of many Yoruba.

Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria

They should be made to take the nation first before any sectional interest. The Bible and the Koran have become part of the staple of playing the divide and conquer strategy in the geopolitics of the country of almost million largely boisterous citizens.

In for example, there was a serious conflict between the Yoruba and Hausa over the leadership of a cattle market in Bodija, Ibadan and in Jos, the conflict is still on between the Hausa and some tribes over who has the legal right of chieftaincy.

Religious Crisis in Nigeria Religion: If such teachings are emulated by both Muslims and non-Muslims of the world, and Nigeria in particular, there will be no religious crisis. Over different languages and dialects are spoken within its borders, and there is also an important religious split, as the north is primarily Muslim and the south is predominantly Christian, making her not only at ethno-religious crossroads but also at linguistic crossroads.

Prophet Isa Jesus AS displayed a good model and requested all his followers to emulate. For that reason, it is difficult to distinguish ethnic conflicts from religious ones in this country.

Ethnic and religious crises in Nigeria

Destroy not fruit trees, nor fertile fields in your path, be just and spare the feelings of the vanquished, respect all religious persons who live in hermitage or convents, and spare their edifice Thus, here it is possible to detect that stimulation of ethnic awareness easily turns into a conflict in order to get more from scarce societal resources.

It is worth noting that these earlier conflicts were sponsored by the European slavers. Religion derives its meaning from Latin root words, namely Ligare- Meaning to bindRelegere Meaning to unite or to link and religio Meaning relationship.

Again the messenger of Allah P. Consequently it is widely accepted that of all religions in Nigeria, Islam maintained the record of being the most bloody and controversial by ways of demonstration of faiths.

The basic aim of the Federal Character Commission should be observed with all sense of seriousness. Ethno-religious conflicts The fact that an average Nigerian is very religious was observed by some sources Oluduro There is a considerable population of Muslims in the South, especially in the Southwest, and a sizeable number amongst the Benin in Edo State.

This means that tension occurs when individuals who feel that they are deprived attempt to increase their stake of power or wealth or to alter the central beliefs, values, norms and philosophies.

These crisis are seriously hindering the nation towards achieving one of its desired objectives of unity and stability which is the basic pre-requisite for any meaningful development. Idle educated youths are also used as tools to wreak havoc. In this way, the spirit of national cohesion which is the bedrock of peace and stability still remain a dream, Nigerians therefore remain in either cold war or open war with one another.Religious Crisis in Nigeria.

Religion: Causes and consequences of religious crises in nigeria. Reply. “I was actually given this topic as an essay at school Religious crisis a declining hazard in Nigeria” for or against the motion I don’t see anything positive in topic for me to go against. The historical roots of crises and conflicts in Nigeria and Kaduna State in particular can be traced back to these primordial social factors of ethnography, geography, religion and culture.

Secondly, how the human agents have used man, family and government/state to engender crises and conflicts. Causes Of Religious Conflict In Nigeria Essays and Term Papers Search Results for 'causes of religious conflict in nigeria' religious violence in nigeria: causal diagnoses and strategic recommendations to the state and religious communities Isaac.

The root cause of religious crises in Northern Nigeria is endemic poverty and mass unemployment particularly among the youths. Poverty is generally widespread in Nigeria, but the fact is that it is most pervasive in Northern Nigeria. In the paper, causes of these crises are discussed and some suggestions are provided which if properly implemented will serve as remedies to both ethnic and religious crisis in.

causes of religious crises in nigeria Essay Religious Crises in the North: Which Way Out of this Quagmire? By Aliyu A.

Religious Crisis in Nigeria

Ammani [email protected] This essay is an attempt at identifying the remote and immediate causes of the incessant religious crises in northern towns and cities, if you’d rather the so-called middle belt political zone of the .

Causes of religious crises in nigeria essay
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